Our Fantastic Team

When you hire Red Chair Designs, you get a whole team working with you to make your project go smoothly.


Roxann Lloyd

Principle Interior Designer

She holds a B.S. in Interior Design from Kansas State University and has over twenty years of design experience in commercial and residential projects. She likes to say she “Dilbert-ized the world” as she worked in both Denver, CO and Moscow, Russia designing offices and other commercial spaces before adding residential interior design to her portfolio as well. (Don’t know who Dilbert is?)


Leah Boucher

Interior Designer

Leah loves taking a blank canvas (space) and creating a beautiful room that is inviting and reflective of its owner while doing so at an elevated level. This talent was honed from spending over twenty years as an interior designer after receiving her B.A in interior design from San Diego State. During her time as a professional She has focused on model homes, healthcare and redesigning existing houses.

Besides helping clients find that special item that will really make their design standout, Leah enjoys taking art classes, drinking a beautiful red wine and joining her husband and son on adventures.


Linda Maikowski

"The Bookie"
She is a CPA professional with an accounting degree from Texas Tech University. She is QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certified as well as holds an AICPA certification in accounting for Nonprofit Organizations. She's Co-Founder of Transforming Creatives a non-profit serving creatives in the Denver metro area. In her work she enjoys working with small businesses to help them understand their finances so that they can really flourish in their business doing what they love to do. When she's not doing accounting or spreadsheets she can be found in the mountains hiking, zip lining, and enjoying time with family and friends.

Nikki Christiansen

Website Guru

Nikki has been in the digital world for over 20 years.  She owns her company with her husband and they have worked side-by-side helping small business owners with their online digital presence, mainly website design and relationship marketing.

She has 2 kids, 2 cats, and loves to travel and eat out.


Hannah Sabus

Virtual Assistant
Hannah is a creative, jumping into new art projects from watercolor to embroidery. She loves to travel and be outdoors with her hubby whenever possible.

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