I slammed the door five times on my way out before anyone noticed, but as I marched down the gravel drive with my tiny, four-year-old fingers firmly grasping the handle of my suitcase, I knew they’d be sorry.

My family was rearranging the living room when I left, so my mom had to let go of the china cabinet before she could respond. When she caught up with me, she begged me to change my mind and come back.

I told her that I just wanted to help and would return home only if they listened to me about where to place the furniture.

She said no, so I turned to leave. Then she did something diabolical - she offered to make pork chops for dinner.

That’s when I decided I could live with their placement of the sofa - for the time being.


I’m Roxann Lloyd, owner of Red Chair Designs, and I’m still telling people how to arrange their homes - and they’re still serving me dinner.

As it turns out, four-year-old me was on to something, and the most natural way for me to help others is to tell them what to do with their surroundings.

See, my closest friends have always been the people who do self work, who are authentic, and want to live genuinely whole lives.

That’s what I want for me.

That’s what I want for my clients.

Ultimately, I want people to be satisfied with who they are and have confidence in the decisions they make.


“I want people to be satisfied with who they are.” - Roxann Lloyd

“I want people to have confidence in the decisions they make.” - Roxann Lloyd


What I’ve learned over the years is that by using my innate intuition and talent for interior design, I can do exactly that.

The result is an interior design service that is ultimately holistic.


“I provide a holistic approach to interior design.” - Roxann Lloyd, owner of Red Chair Designs

I’m not bringing a style to you. I’m bring style out of you. You not only come away with a space that you love to spend time in, but also have a greater understanding of yourself and how you relate to your surroundings.

This experience resulted in the development of my proprietary interior design process, the R.O.X. Method, and my top level service, Soul Home.


“I’m not bringing a style to you. I’m bringing style out of you.” - Roxann Lloyd

Today, Red Chair Designs has a team of designers who all use the R.O.X. Method. Working with us begins with a one-on-one call with me to discover your Design DNA.

My approach to our call allows you to feel comfortable enough to express yourself and put words to who you truly are. Once this happens, I ask questions to obtain the information I need to determine your Design DNA. It’s not an archetype or anything like that but something that my years of experience allows me to just understand. Afterwards, I know exactly what to look for when collecting options to present to you, so my team can incorporate it into your home.

The overwhelm that is so often intertwined with interior design is eliminated because we narrow down the multitude of choices to be made. We’ll educate you on the ways your Design DNA can be worked into your home, so when you work with us, no matter what choice you make - you’re right!

While you’ll never be able to walk into a room, recognize the style, and say, “This was done by  Red Chair Designs!”

… we’re ok with that.

After all, our goal is to guide you toward making decisions that ultimately end in a space that looks like you did it (only with an interior design degree and 25+ years of expertise under your belt).

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