Light, Oh how I’ve missed you this winter. I realize that living in Colorado I get plenty of light during the day but the days are shorter this time of year.  I’m so happy that it’s staying lighter longer into the evening as well as coming up earlier in the morning. Sadly, it still isn’t enough as my doctor advised me to up my dosage of vitamin D.

Let’s talk about a different kind of light though. Actually, let’s LOOK at a different kind of light. These are a few of the lights I’ve come across recently and I found them interesting enough to take a picture.


These chandeliers are hanging in the staircase at the Restoration Hardware flagship store in Denver.

Union Station

Beautiful lighting at Union Station.  Don’t forget to look up.

flea market

These fun fixtures were just there for the weekend event

DIY Project

Check out these industrial fixtures at Aviano coffee.  Just some pipe, wires and a little ingenuity and you could maybe make these for yourself.

Birdcage chandelier

I saw this at Le Boutique des Boudreaux in Morrison. It’s a birdcage over a chandelier which gives it a bit of whimsy. Potentially an easy weekend project if you want to try it yourself.

manahattan beach

Ok, this isn’t a light fixture for your house as much as it is a beautiful sunset. I mean, we’re talking about light after all.

Have you seen a fantastic fixture recently? Maybe it was a “typical” fixture used in an unusual way or in a unique finish. Tell me about it, I’d love to see pictures.