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New Build Design Center Visit

You’re building a new house and there are more decisions to make than you ever considered.  Let our designer help you navigate these decisions to make sure they are to your liking, they all work together and are within your budget.  We’ll meet you at your builder’s design center and help you process through all your decisions.

2 hours            $300

4 hours            $600

Design Discovery

Have you been dreaming about making changes in your home but are overwhelmed by all the options and aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you enjoy “doing-it-yourself “ and have an idea of what to do, but you’re afraid you’ll make a mistake. It might be as “simple” as wanting to change your wall colors but that means too many trips to the paint store and no guarantee you’ll like the outcome. These are the types of topics we can discuss during our two hour meeting. You’ll come away with an action plan and some concrete ideas and options for your home.

2 hours            $300

Pinner’s Process

You’ve pinned a ton of ideas but you’re not sure where to start, and the Design Discovery package isn’t quite enough time with a designer. With this package you receive three sessions, 2 hours each with one of our designers. The initial two hours is a meeting at your home with the remaining two hour sessions to take place at either a showroom or other vendor to select decor, finishes, cabinets or furniture, or back at your home to arrange your purchases. It’s really what is needed for your particular situation.

6 hours            $900

Ideabook Implementation

This package builds on the Pinner’s Process allowing for more time with our designer and two layout options for a single room. These layouts will give you a better understanding of the designs we will have previously discussed during your sessions.

 8 hours + 2 floor plan options          $1,750

Custom Design Option

You are ready to dive head first into a large design project and are in need of fresh ideas, consultation, encouragement, suppliers, project management and referrals of quality craftsmen. During this process we’ll help you understand your own personal style, implement it throughout the design, and create a sense of home that is recognizable as uniquely you to your friends and family immediately upon their entry.

Priced per project

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