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Life in Springtime

By May 17, 2016Uncategorized

Hopefully Spring 2.0 (AKA – warm weather) is finally here as I much prefer it to its earlier, colder version.

I’m back to my daily morning walks through my neighborhood and it’s great to see all the colors bursting through the ground again.


I’ve also seen several newly painted houses during my walks that have really helped to spark some creativity in me.
 house exterior collage-4
Notice the difference the color of mortar can make in the overall look. The same can go for grout inside your house.
I also wanted to include these two sets of patio furniture by Room and Board.  I’ve always loved these two sets.  Is it because of the style or that great splash of color?  Maybe both.
 room and board patio furniture 2
All of this leads me to think about summer time activities and taking the indoors out more. We’ll talk about that in the May newsletter.

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